London, England
November 5, 1999

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Downing Street


No. 10


Downing Street


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Demonstrations for the Dine'h In London

Hi guys,
I thought I would send you the photo attachments at the same time so here goes. All the photos are from the vigils and Downing Street petition presentation held on 2nd Oct and 12th Nov. Our website will shortly be featuring the letter we handed in to Downing Street, which calls upon the British government to honour its commitment to human rights as laid down by the UN and other international organisations and do something to put a stop to the on-going human rights abuses in Black Mesa.

For now though look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Your Friend, Earth Friend, Indigenous Friend

Graham S. McKean - Network Chairperson

Feathers Network

For More Photos and Reports:
Report on 2nd October Protest - London US Embassy
Report on 12th November - Downing Street Presentation
Petition Cover Letter - Handed in to Downing Street 12th November


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